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Regular, direct, open & interactive engagement with shareholders and investors is an important part of good corporate governance.

At BRR we want to give you the tools to help facilitate the effective engagement with shareholders, no matter how large or small they are. BRR wants to ensure that your content is available directly from your website and other key financial relevant websites gaining maximum reach and exposure with no barriers.

Interactive company presentations allow you to present, whilst also being able to gain real time feedback & questions from shareholders, analysts and potential investors. Companies are able to present via audio or video, with or without synchronised slides but with the security of a highly experienced webcasting team.

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Directly engage with investors through live presentation and Q&A sessions

Audio or video presentations

BRR’s webcasting player supports high quality audio and video streaming

Live streaming

Live streaming enables viewers to engage in real time through our feature rich platform

Synchronised slides

Have slides appear in synch with the live or on demand presentations

Fully customisable to clients brand

BRR’s webcasting player is completely customised and branded to each company and meeting

Remote streaming

Stream your entire meeting completely remotely with speakers and participants connecting from different locations across the world

Moderated shareholder Q&A

Shareholders type in their questions, which can be received and moderated through the webcasting platform

Security and email verification

BRR's shareholder authentication tool enables only those access who have the correct pin code

Conference calls

Conference calls allow participants to ask questions over the phone during an event