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Video Production

Businesses have long recognised the value and impact of using online video to communicate their message in order to motivate, inform and empower their investors and stakeholders. It is now essential for businesses to communicate their message through engaging medium. People today are choosing to watch video over text on an exponential level.

At BRR Media, we are focused on delivering online communication tools for companies wishing to engage their stakeholders through the use of live and on-demand video and audio webcasting, making sure your message is tailored to your audience.

We offer a complete range of video production services and work alongside you when developing the concept through to delivering your video on time and within budget. Whether it be a results presentation, corporate transaction, company overview or keynote speech, we can guarantee a seamless flow of content from the physical world to the online world.

However, even the best webcast holds no value if nobody watches it!

That’s why here at BRR Media, in addition to embedding the content on your website, we work with our partners to make sure your content is seen where investors are looking: Your content is made available on The FT, Bloomberg, Factset, London South East, The Telegraph and many more.

Our Services

Live Streaming

BRR Media has been conducting live webcasting long before most corporates became aware of the power of immediacy.

Today, live webcasting brings unique challenges that require an experienced, thorough and methodical approach to ensure your programme runs smoothly.

We understand the nuances that live webcasting entails.

We also appreciate your time is precious, especially before major corporate events such as analyst meetings, results presentations, investor days or large scale internal conferences.

Our systematic, organised approach to every live webcast gives you confidence that your online delivery is in safe hands.

Our Services


BRR Media RAW is our mobile filming solution.

It provides investors with a deeper understanding of your company and allows on-site updates even from your remote locations inexpensively and efficiently.

BRR Media RAW provides the app, hardware and training that turns your iOS device into a quality HD camera. You’ll be able to showcase your company’s assets on the BRR Media platform as easily as sharing photos of your vacation.

Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Our Services


BRR Media allows you to be in the driver’s seat when running the webcast.

We have taken our tried and tested platform and re-engineered it so that you are now able to manage, control and conduct the webcasts from your venue.

We will provide all the training and support you need.

When required, you’ll still get access to the BRR Media distribution partners, as well as real time analytics and full control of questions backed by our experience and the knowledge that we can step in remotely should you need us.

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