Capital Markets Days

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A Capital Markets Day is a great way of showing the strength and depth of your team as well as the strategic direction of the company. The entire event requires an enormous amount of preparation and work so it’s important to maximise the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders, even if they cannot attend the event in person…

More and more companies are choosing to stream their CMD experience online, allowing stakeholders to follow the presentation and engage and interact with the company through online Q&A.

Our team has the expertise to help you with all elements of your Capital Markets event, from staging and set design to lighting, AV requirements and of course the webcasting. Every event, venue and production is unique so get in touch with one of the team so that we can develop your customised solution.

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From Webcasting to set design we have the expertise needed for your next CMD

Audio and video webcasting

BRR’s webcasting player supports high quality audio and video streaming

Live streaming

Live streaming enables viewers to engage in real time through our feature rich platform

Synchronised slides

Have slides appear in synch with the live or on demand presentation

Fully customisable to clients brand

BRR’s webcasting player is completely customised and branded to each company and meeting

Remote streaming

Stream your entire meeting completely remotely with speakers and participants connecting from different locations across the world

Moderated Q&A

Shareholders type in their questions, which can be received and moderated through the webcasting platform

Security and email verification

BRR's shareholder authentication tool enables only those access who have the correct pin code

Highlights videos

Gather the best footage from the day and create a highlights video suitable for publishing on a website or social media channels

AV production

High quality sound and visual production to create the most appealing content

Set design and lighting

BRR can tailor a set design and lighting to the exact requirements of our clients needs