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Body language and non-verbal cues are undeniably important in modern communications. Video can be used to convey consistent messages to wide audiences rapidly. A significant proportion of the intended audience will not have the time to watch a 30 or 40 minute presentation, whereas a much higher proportion will be tempted to watch a shorter 4 or 5 minute interview online which encapsulates the essence of a corporate event, whether it be a regular market update, a corporate transaction or maybe just a fireside chat.

Here at BRR Media we pride ourselves in getting the best out of the executives on camera and adapt a range of different styles to suit the company and executive concerned. Some of these styles include standard two-camera interviews to 3 camera shoots incorporating video footage and motion graphics.

Our experienced team is highly adept at working with pressured executives with limited bandwidth and creating a relaxed environment conducive to getting their best performance on the final video swiftly and accurately.

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Video interviews to internal communications - Get the best out of your executives

Results interviews for external and internal audiences

Distill the results messages clearly for investors as well as employees

Internal corporate communications

Ensure that a consistent message is heard across the company on important topics

Enrich the experience

Think about the setting to create the right environment/backdrop for the desired tone


Incorporating additonal footage or motion graphics into a video interview can be an effective way of highlighting key pieces of information


We work with a number of distribution partners to make sure your content is seen wherever investors are looking