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Who are BRR Media?

BRR Media is a London-based digital media company. We are trusted by many of the biggest and most high profile companies in Europe to create and deliver live-streamed and pre-recorded video and audio webcast events. These events often take place during times of extreme pressure for the company when rapid turnarounds and accurate execution are required.


We have a wide range of services that allow companies of all sectors and size to communicate online and to reinforce their digital presence. Some examples include B2B and B2C corporate videos, video and audio interviews, and live/on-demand webcasts. If the content is video or audio and communicated online, then we will either have the service or will be able to create the solution.


We are passionate about working directly with companies and also with their corporate advisers, who may be managing investor relations or external communications plans on behalf of their clients. It is very important for us to build strong relationships with those involved. From concept through production to distribution, we endeavour to create world-class digital content that will satisfy our clients.

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Meet the Team!

BRR Media is home to a committed, skilful team that delivers bespoke engaging content solutions. As such, we strongly believe it is important to give our team members the support and space to develop upon their own skills in the company. Being passionate and confident in our own abilities enables us to continue delivering high-quality content for our clients, as well as allowing for personal growth in the sectors which drive us.

Scott Bannerman

Managing Director

Julian Smith

Managing Director

Profile shot of Rosie Riall

Rosie Riall

Head of Client Accounts

Phil Murray

Head of Film

Adam Jackson

Creative Producer

Wayne Hollis

Executive Producer

Yuliia Kashevarova

Finance Manager

Eóin McDonagh

Account Manager

Danielle Craill

Account Manager

Rachel Griffin

Senior Account Executive

Tilly Hellings

Account Executive

Billy Rice

Head of Video and Digital

Isabella Young

Production Coordinator

Daryl Legge

Senior Video Producer

Ian Murray

Senior Video Producer

Marc Harwood

Senior Video Producer

Leo Sa

Senior Video Editor

Arnie Partridge

Video Producer

Jordan House

Video Producer

Bradley Papworth

Video Producer

Dayle Tewkesbury

Video Producer

Jack Pease

Video Producer

Mohamed Virji

Tech Lead

Jishan Shaikh

Full Stack Developer

Altaf Dhanji

IT Administrator

Gianpaolo Papa

Tech Consultant